SQL Server 2012 installation on Windows 7 – muted failure

When I was trying to install SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition on a Windows 7 Ultimate edition machine, after clicking the ‘Setup’ it simply mutes out without any error.

After a struggle of few minutes I was able to find the summary log file which shows the issues with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and Silverlight 4 files.

Though I can confirm that Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is installed on this machine and recent Windows Update attempted Silverlight 4 update too. I vaguely remember that few issues encountered after that Windows update cycle, such as BSOD & error while opening a BI related project.

Due to this SQL 2012 installation was failing as there were mismatch of VS2010 SP1 and Silverlight 4 related files, and also I remember that Silverlight¬† 4 isn’t bundled with SP1¬† and in order to fix this issue need to download Silvelight 4 tools and reinstall… the VS related components.

For instance if you aren’t able to proceed further even after refresh of VS2010 SP1 and Silverlight or some missing media errors while refreshing the VS related components, you could try the following:

  • Choose ‘Programs and Features’ from Control Panel (assuming you are on Win7 & Win2008 Server OS above).
  • Choose Visual Studio 2010 <edition> SP1 and click to Uninstall.
  • YES, uninstall all VS2010 related files and then reinstall. I’m sure you will be able to find the setup files if you have been using the software genuinely!
  • Reinstall Silverlight 4 Tools from the above link.
  • Reinstall Visual Studio 2010 + SP1 from your setup source.
  • Then try to install SQL Server 2012 + SP1 as usual.