Power BI .. a toolbox that you need for your BI engine

16Power BI – a Self Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) tool and a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) cloud based analytical solution from Microsoft. Once you are assured about what is essential on BI aspects you need to know about what kind of tools and toolbox you need to obtain that can help your BI solution.

The essential goal of build a BI solution is to drive better decision making, there is no single solution scenario to describe what a BI Solution looks like. No further doubt on few broad categories of solutions will describe a common approach to BI solutions. Nevertheless, these solutions range from low complexity with a small investments to a high-complexity high budgeted solution, as simple as Operational Report to Enterprise Data Warehouse. Once the solution hulking out to an enterprise data warehouse having a data mart providing improved access and tools to business users of your application data at all levels of the organization you need to ensure proper tools are in place that will allow users (business analysts, information workers, front-line workers), allowing your customer to better leverage the data assets contained in your application.

Recently I had a good opportunity to showcase the essential Power BI toolbox for BI engines session at Leicester SQL Server user group.

Just to go about bit more details on the solution scenario we need to decide on how to approach building your first BI solution.  Although it may begin as a small set of scripts running against set of databases (by simply providing improved access to operational data as described in the Operational Reporting scenario), it will lead into large scale use of that solution by turning into comprehensive integrated reporting and analytics capabilities to their application (as described in the Data Mart scenario).


To know more about the comprehensive tools about Power BI you can download my presentation: Power BI .. a toolbox that you need for your  BI engine or view as shown below (to download or print as PDF):

Happy learning!