SQL Server 2016, and what-not!

Oh well, as the subject line says bloggers around the world are busy in digging about what’s coming on with newly announce SQL Server 2016 version.

To begin with we are in SQL Server 2016 CTP2 stage now and I’m sure you may have lot of thoughts surrounding where to start and what to look about. Just go through with below links to enhance your awareness in SQL Server 2016:

If you are an ardent user of SQL Azure and Office365, then no stopping now:

  • deploy your own Azure SQL Virtual Machine with SQL Server 2016 CTP2 and make sure to check your O365 subscription details
  • if you are well established with Azure portal then you already have an option with multiple CTP2 VMs are deployed in Azure

Not just to play around if you are keen to be part of this SQL Server 2016 development and deployment with your application stack, then you have an opportunity to work with SQLCAT team and Product Engineering teams. Simply sign-up here which enables you to join into Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for SQL Server. If you are interested to showcase and test your existing application workload with SQL Server 2016 CTP then get in touch with SQLCAT team. Or even to leave more feedback directly to Product team submit-feedback or tweet MSSQLCAT.

If you are not aware of what are these new innovations in SQL Server world download information as follows:

http://video.ch9.ms/sessions/ignite/2015/decks/FND1551_White.pptx – presentation slides