U-SQL for your Big Data processing

As a Microsoft technology user you might have come across about TSQL, iSQL, OSQL and ANSI-SQL. Here is the new kid on the ranch, U-SQL.

A new language with a power of SQL expressive(ness) and produce scalable distributed query capability to analyze data across the relational stores such as Azure SQL database.

Not sure why and who picked up the terminology to call it as U-SQL, the guess is as U comes after T in the alphabets.

Here is the quote from VS Engineering team about why U-SQL?

  • Process any type of data. From analyzing BotNet attack patterns from security logs to extracting features from images and videos for machine learning, the language needs to enable you to work on any data.
  • Use custom code easily to express your complex, often proprietary business algorithms. The example scenarios above may all require custom processing that is often not easily expressed in standard query languages, ranging from user defined functions, to custom input and output formats.
  • Scale efficiently to any size of data without you focusing on scale-out topologies, plumbing code, or limitations of a specific distributed infrastructure.

IN order to get to know more about this new language have a look at: Introducing U-SQL – A Language that makes Big Data Processing Easy