SQL Server R Services

Are you ready for R Services in SQL Server 2016?

Since SQL Server 2016 CTP3 release enhanced this new in-database feature for R (open source) and fantastic features in using multi-threading with TSQL portfolio, just a word: this RevoScaleR features comes with Enterprise Edition. You can download SQL Server 2016 CTP3 and begin testing R capabilities using TSQL or stored procedures, how it can help data analytics for better results and visualizations. Have a look at using sp_execute_external_script statement.

Not just with TSQL coding assessment, R features enables endless possibilities with SQL Server Reporting Services (highly recommended to review Jen Underwood’s CodePlex project). Also the video presentation at PASS Summit 2015 :




SQL Server books online highlights R’s importance:

SQL Server R Services helps you embrace the highly popular open source R language in your business. R is the most popular programming language for advanced analytics, and offers an incredibly rich set of packages and a vibrant and fast-growing developer community. In CTP3, SQL Server R Services is comprised of the following components:

Advanced Analytics Extensions: A framework for enabling R code to run in SQL Server, to support in-database analytics and much faster processing of R code.

Revolution R Enterprise 7.5.0. A collection of R libraries to support greater performance and scalability for R, including libraries for developing parallel algorithms, plus an optional R development environment with integrated tracing, Intellisense, and more.

Revolution R Open 3.2.2 for Revolution R Enterprise 7.5.0. A distribution of the open source R runtime and connectivity libraries that allow it to work with Revolution R Enterprise.

Also refer to Known issues for SQL Server R services information.