Meet and greet your data with Power BI empowerment

In the current times data is most important arsenal for any company to analyse, mine and visualise required information without having a dependancy on external sources.

Being a Data Analyst right software is always helpful to create visualisations and get right track of information from existing (and new) data sources.

Power BI (newest tool on data anlaytics platforms) from Microsoft has opened up variety of possibilities for existing techniques in specific to Microsoft technologies and other technical sources as well. There has been a huge wave of changes happened on Power BI world since last 8 months, not to mention new features and enhancements to existing feature set as well.

If you know Microsoft Excel then using Power BI desktop tool is not a rocket science at all. If you haven’t touch base this side of data world then now is the time to get to know, here is the opportunity to shine with Power BI by using DIY guide to Dazzling Data.