DocumentDB – have a look at new possibilities from NoSQL JSON database

When you are dealing with applications with query and transactions over schema-free database then you are not new about NoSQL way of dealing such development. Rather call it as non-relational way of dealing the database, Azure DocumentDB is a NoSQL document database service that is designed with native support JSON and JavaScript within the database engine. A quicker way of creating applications that can run in the Cloud with a predictable throughput, low latency and easy query methods.

DocumentDB combines query methods and transactional data processing, native Javascript custome query operators/UDFs will enable easy integration on web platforms & tools by extending batch jobs from Hadoop over data stored in DocumentDB using default connector.

The complexity of applications accessing/using databases for natvie CRUD activities, query and other RESTful HTTP processes. Hence developing/program against a DocumentDB is easy, open and does not require custom encoding, as native JSON or JavaScript SDKs gets you to run a quick library of tooling by writing in any language (.net/Python/Node.js etc.)

To know more about DocumentDB have a look at

DocumentDB .NET samples
DocumentDB Node.js samples and

DocumentDB sample pages


If you are using/experienced with NoSQL capabilities and wanted to use DocumentDB abiliites then look out for  azure-documentdb-dotnet and azure-documentdb-node repository about the new functionality along with samples.

For anything about subjet-matter you can schedule a chat with DocumentDB Engineering team.