SQL Server 2016 ‘It Just Runs Faster’

It will need guts to release such a statement, that too announcement about SQL Server 2016 – it just runs faster. Not a simple statement for marketing purpose, but real-world improvements and hard-work efforts made the new version 2016 as big as previous versions.

What it means to the product team in Microsoft that both CSS and Development teams come together to focus a deep-dive assessment on scalability and performance features with a real world testing patterns.

Just to showcase highlights on feature improvement, have a look at this image below:

2016-runsfaster highights

Highlights of SQL Server 2016 key improvements

So to go about further details on these key enhancements PSSQL contributed a blog series on the subject matter, make sure you go through each of them to see how best SQL Server 2016 can help in your data platform needs.

For DBAs the key areas will be DBCC, TEMPDB enhancements, Availability Groups compression, InMemory optimized checkpoint and delay start of MSDTC, many more as well.

The blog posts are as follows:


On 25th May I had an opportunity to moderate and veiw few sessions about SQL Server 2016 in 24HOP  event (see #24HOP twitter hashtag feed for further information). The session I was involved as a moderator was SQL Server 2016 Just Works Faster – Performance Improvements in Database Core Engine session.

If you haven’t done so far then make sure to register to attend:  SQL Server Launch 2016 Discovery Day (03/06/2016)– Edinburgh, Scotland

Happy learning!