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SQL Server Data platform upgrade Techniques, best practices & notes from the field – SQLSaturday #208 -Riyadh #SQLSatRiyadh

TweetA big week ahead indeed, speaking at SQL Saturday conference for the first time… and one more first time is Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. SQLSaturday Riyadh – event will be held (for the first time in the Middle East) in…


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SQL Server Replication error – distribution agent failed to create temporary files, multiple error codes

TweetDistributor has an important place and piece of puzzle within the SQL Server replication. The key objective for distributor and distribution database to store metadata and historical data pertaining to all types of replication transactions.  By default we can configure…

SQL Server data platform upgrade – Why upgrade and how best you can reduce pre & post upgrade problems?

TweetSQL Server upgrade, let it be  database(s) or instance(s) or both the process and procedures must follow best practices in order to reduce any problems that may occur even after the platform is upgraded. The success of any project relies upon…

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook

TweetIts one year on my first book released, keeping aside the financial gains from this book I’m more happy to achieve one of the important goals from my career.  This is something big in my life to announce, it gives…