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Edinburgh SQL Server Usergroup Nov 2015 schedule – learn from #SQLSentry pros. #sqlpass


Tweet Here is the exciting news for Edinburgh SQL Server usergroup (T: @sqlscot)for this November 2015 schedule. On 12th November we are inviting 2 professionals from SQL Sentry, John Martin (T: @sqlservermonkey) & Richard Douglas (T: @sqlrich). Full abstract and…

SSMS – Proactive Management Tools in a Single Console


Tweet How to keep up data platform predictable performance? Is it possible to have a built-in capabilities that help make performance more consistent and predictable? No doubt to say an exponential growth within server consolidations and multi-tenant data platforms managed…

MySQL Series: Performance Engineering – Find What

Tweet In the post MySQL Series: Performance Engineering – Find What I had mentioned about the problem statement, and how I planned to go about it. I had series of areas that I need to attend to stabilize the performance…


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Free trial: root out ASP.NET & SQL Server performance problems with ANTS Performance Profiler

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  • Analyze your code and queries side-by-side in a single profiling session.
  • See exactly how your code makes database queries and how those queries perform.
  • Pinpoint the problem fast with full performance data in one place – never switch between a .NET code profiler and SQL Profiler again.

Cumulative Update 2 for SQL Server 2012 SP1

Tweet Here is the considerable effort you need to put up to download, test and implement cumulative update package and that is announcement from SQL Server Release Services – Cumulative Update 2 for SQL Server 2012 SP1. KBA2790947 talks much about…

SQL Server configration settings – MAXDOP, to be or not to be?

Tweet As a DBA parallelism or MAXDOP terms do not need any special introduction, but it is highlgy essential to keep up the necessary settings (default value is 0) on your data platform. In many cases MAXDOP helps to achieve…