Did You Suffer a Slip and Fall at Mcdonalds?

Mcdonalds injury attorney can protect your rights if you have been injured at the fault of another. Property managers and business owners have a legal duty to provide a safe environment for anyone who comes onto their property. If you were injured, a Houston slip and fall attorney can help you understand your rights, and how to collect any damages that are owed to you. Call now and get a free case evaluation.

Did someone else’s negligence

Mcdonalds Injury Attorneys

When talking about a slip and fall accident, they generally occur because someone didn’t take the correct safety measures. Dangerous or hidden conditions on the ground are the most common causes of slip and fall injuries. 

Some examples of these are: 

  • Uneven ground surfaces
  • Wet floors
  • Potholes, and 
  • Cracked cement

Plus, poor lighting or other environmental hazards can lead to serious injuries. Whether your injury occurred on a private property or at a business location, give us a call. Our Houston slip and fall attorneys will dig into your case to find out what happened and how we can help you. We treat each of our clients with the individual care and respect they deserve, and will build your case in the unique manner that will best represent your situation.

Slip and fall accidents happen all too frequently, and these accidents can be very serious. You need a qualified personal injury lawyer on your side who can make sure the facts are seen by the courts. The different types of injuries people sustain in fall down accidents range from minor bruises or scrapes to more serious injuries. We represent victims who have received injuries such as twisted ankles, broken hips, knee joint injuries, and spinal injuries. The more serious the pain and suffering you have been through, the higher the damages you may be able to recover. No matter the severity of your situation, give us a call. One of our Houston, Texas slip and fall attorneys can help you understand what recourse you have.

Responsibility of Property Owners

Property owners are supposed to ensure that their grounds are safe. This is very true for people who maintain a commercial property, and allow others to use it. When restaurants, malls, shops, or other commercial businesses fail to provide a safe area for their customers, they can be held liable through a premises liability lawsuit. For victims of slip and fall accidents in our state, a management that is negligent in maintaining their property are often the ones held liable for any injuries caused. We are skilled Houston slip and fall attorneys who are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims in such accidents. We strive to obtain the best possible result in each case we handle. Call and get your free case evaluation today.

So if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you need a Houston slip and fall attorney as soon as possible. There is a limited amount of time to file a personal injury claim, and the faster you act, the better. We are committed to helping victims recover from their injuries and move forward in life. For a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call us today.